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Youth Progression Level Change

January 1, 2018 -- USTA Tennessee’s mission is to promote and develop the growth of tennis in Tennessee. The beginning tournament experiences a child has are especially crucial because that could determine if they continue in our lifelong sport. As many of you know, one year ago, USTA Southern decided to adopt a new 10U tournament format called Youth Progression. The format was implemented on January 1, 2017 with the goal to was to provide a clear and skill-based pathway for junior players to progress though the USTA tournament system. The model allowed players to accumulate stars and trophies to progress from Orange L2 to Orange 1 and to Green ball before they graduated to the traditional yellow ball.

Keeping that in mind, USTA Tennessee, working with the Youth Play and Junior Competition committees, decided it was in the best interests of our 10U tournament players in Tennessee to transition to 1 level of Orange ball play in 2018 and bypass Orange Level 2.

Therefore, all 10U players in Tennessee will begin the Youth Progression Pathway in the Orange L1 division and bypass Orange L2. The next level of advancement is Green L1, and then ultimately, a player will graduate the pathway and begin playing with the yellow ball. It is our firm belief this change will provide an enhanced tournament experience for 10U players in 2018.

Ultimately, USTA Tennessee’s goal in making this transition is to provide the state of Tennessee fuller draws and more matches in our 10U tournaments. This enhancement will create a higher quality product and give young players the necessary tournament experience. USTA Tennessee hopes the enhanced tournament experience will motivate players to participate in more tournaments, which will in turn allow them to advance through the pathway and into Green/Yellow ball.

USTA Tennessee has completed the process of moving all Orange L2 players to Orange L1. At the start of every week in 2018, USTA Tennessee will move any new player in the Youth Progression system to Orange L1 and the Orange L2 division will no longer be available in any USTA Tennessee tournaments. The process of advancing players out of Orange L2 and into Orange L1 is being handled and will continue to be handled by USTA Tennessee. There is nothing necessary a parent of a child participating needs to do.

If you have any questions about this or you feel an error has been made, please contact USTA Tennessee looks forward to a wonderful year of tennis in 2018!