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2017 Junior Tournament Schedule

All Junior Tournament Levels are shown and explained below.  To register or find out more, click on the Tournament ID Number to find the tournament's homepage on TennisLink. Additional Level 5 tournaments will be added throughout the year. 

Level 1 Tournaments

These tournaments are high level tournaments that are intended for top level players who  compete at the sectional level/national level.  The State Qualifier is intended for junior players who hope to advance to the Southern Sectional Closed event.  Click here to learn more about the State Qualifier.

Date Tournament ID Number  City
February 3-6 USTA Southern Level 1A Championships BG 16 & 18 700005217 Chattanooga
June 1-5 TN State Jr. Qualifying Championships 16U-18U at The Champions Club 700127317 Chattanooga
September 23-25 USTA National Level 3 Tournament 700003417 Memphis

Level 1A Tournaments

These tournaments are high level tournaments that are intended for advanced players and those who compete at the sectional level. The tournaments designated as "state closed" events are for Tennessee residents only; this gives players a chance to compete for the title of the best in the state.  

Date Tournament ID Number  City
April 28-30 Tennessee State Closed Junior Spring Championship (10U Green L1, Orange L1) 700110417 Knoxville
October 27-30 Icy Hot Southern Level 2 Championships BG 12 & 14's 700013517 Chattanooga
December 27-30 Icy Hot Winter Indoor Level 2 Championship BG 16 & 18 704202417 Knoxville


Level 2 Tournaments

These tournaments are high level tournaments for players who have experience in tournament competition.  Tournaments that are designated as "state open" events are for players both in and out of state.  

Date Tournament ID Number City
April 21-23 KRC Mid-Spring (BG18-10) (10U Green L1) 704230117 Knoxville
May 19-22 RCJC May State Open Championships (10U Green L1, Orange L1) 700062417 Memphis
August 4-6 Racquet Club Junior Championships 700033317 Memphis
August 11-13 McCallie John Strang Championships 700004318 Chattanooga
September 1-4 TN State Open Junior Clay Court Championships 704209417 Knoxville
November 4-5 Chattanooga Doubles 700017718 Chattanooga
November 10-13 TN Junior State Open Championships 700122917 Chattanooga
November 24-26 TN State Indoor Open Championships 704224017 Knoxville


Level 3 Tournaments

All of these tournaments must either have either a feed-in consolation for the singles draw or offer doubles. Singles play for these events are on Saturday & Sunday.  Doubles could start as early as 5pm on Friday afternoon.  These are intended for intermediate-advanced level players. 

Date Tournament ID Number City
February 25-26 Knoxville Blizzard Open 700114917 Knoxville
March 4-5 Winter Open at GPS (YTP Orange L1, Green L1) 704230417 Chattanooga
March 10-12 Knoxville Spring Challenge (10U Green L1, Orange L1) 700115117 Knoxville
March 17-19 2017 Maryland Farms YMCA Spring Jr. Champs 700094617 Brentwood
March 24-25 DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships 700052517 Chattanooga
June 16-18 2017 CBRC Junior Clay Court Championship 700111117 Knoxville
June 16-18 Memphis City Junior Championships 700114517 Memphis
June 23-25 Richland Junior Tennis Championships 700106517 Nashville
December 8-10 2017 CBRC Junior Indoor Championships 700112317 Knoxville


Level 4 Tournaments

The bulk of our state tournaments fall in this category.  These tournaments typically have a wide range of players and are great for more tournament exposure as well as experience and match play. 

Date Tournament ID Number City
January 14-15 Baylor New Year Championships 700098417 Chattanooga
January 14-16 MLK Junior Tennis Championships 700107517 Memphis
January 27-29 KRC Winter Open (YTP Orange L1, Green L1) 700040417 Knoxville
February 3-5 2017 CBRC Junior Indoor Open Championships (YTP Orange L1, Orange L2, Green L1) 700110317 Knoxville
February 25-26 Baylor Pre-Spring Championships (YTP Orange L1, Green L1) 700099417 Chattanooga
March 3-5 Pilot/Flying J - Junior Open 700085117 Knoxville
April 7-9 Knoxville Spring Championships 700115317 Knoxville
April 8-9 Baylor Spring Championships 700099517 Chattanooga
April 21-23 Operation Stand Down Junior Tennis Championships 700100717 Brentwood
May 12-14 Maryland Farms YMCA Summer Jr. Chps 700094717 Brentwood
May 19-21 Greeneville Spring Blast Junior Tournament 700085717 Greeneville
May 20-21 Baylor May Championships 700099617 Chattanooga
May 26-28 School's Out Blast 700115417 Knoxville
June 9-11 Wolf River Junior Tennis Tournament 700122617 Collierville
July 15-16 Baylor Summer Championships 700101317 Chattanooga
August 4-6 Little Harpeth Junior Slam 704201717 Brentwood
August 26-27 Baylor Back to School Championships 700108917 Chattanooga
September 8-10 Maryland Farms YMCA Fall Junior Championships 700094917 Brentwood
December 1-3 Maryland Farms YMCA Great 8 TN Classic 700095117 Brentwood
December 2-3 Baylor Holiday Championships 700101517 Chattanooga


Level 5 Tournaments

Date Tournament ID Number City
February 18 Memphis One Day Jr. Series (YTP Green L1, Orange L1, Orange L2) 700107417 Memphis
July 8 Maryland Farms YMCA Jr. Novice One-Day Tournament 700094817 Brentwood
July 15 2017 CBRC Jr Novice One-Day Clay Court Tournament 700111617 Knoxville
August 26 2017 CBRC Jr Novice One-Day Clay Court Championship 700111717 Knoxville


Level 6 Tournaments

All tournaments in this category are one-day or half-day events. These fun, introductory tournaments use a non-elimination type draw format and are designed for players who are new to tournament competition.

Date Tournament ID Number City
January 6-8 RCJC 10U YTP (Orange L2, Orange L1, Green L1) 700119417 Memphis
January 21-22 Brentwood S&T Club 10U YTP (Orange L2, Orange L1, Green L1) 700057517 Brentwood
January 21-22 McCallie 10U YTP (Orange L2, Orange L1, Green L1) 700117517 Chattanooga
February 11 Querrey Classic One Day 10U (Orange L2) 700086417 Chattanooga
February 25-26 Brentwood S&T Club 10U YTP (Orange L2, Orange L1, Green L1) 700127217 Brentwood
April 1 2017 CBRC One-Day Jr. Novice Indoor Championships (10U Orange L2) 700087717 Knoxville
April 29 Blue Raider Showdown One-Day Tournament (10U Orange L2) 700033117 Murfreesboro
April 29 Isner Ace One-Day Tournament at GPS (10U Orange L2) 700121817 Chattanooga
June 3 Cavalier Open One Day (Orange L2) 700043517 Cookeville
June 3 Knoxville Summer One-Day Tournament (Orange L2) 700115517 Knoxville
June 17 Northern TN One-Day Jr. Tournament (10U Orange L2) 700081017 Hendersonville
June 23 RCJC One Day Fun Play (Orange L2) 700064617 Memphis




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