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State Qualifier

What is the State Qualifier?
The Tennessee State Qualifier is a tournament that junior players must play in order to “qualify” for the Southern Sectional Closed Championships. Tennessee has a specific number of quota spots available to fill in the draw of the Southern Sectional Closed Tournament. Most of those spots are filled with the finalists and semi-finalists of the main and back draws of this qualifier event. (State Endorsers have discretion to fill a certain number of spots based upon player record). No other tournament is held in the state to serve as a qualifier for the Southern Sectional Closed.

Should I play this event?

The Tennessee State Qualifier brings together the strongest and largest pool of players within the state than any other tournament all year. If a junior player hopes to advance to the Southern Sectional Closed event, then the state’s qualifier is mandatory. Even if a junior player does not have a realistic chance of advancing to the next tournament, the qualifier offers juniors a chance to compete in a prestigious, competitive event of which they can feel proud to participate.

Can I play?
Entry into this tournament is open to all state members, in good standing, who meet the age eligibility requirements for the event in which they hope to play. Since the Tennessee State Qualifier is meant to advance players onto the Southern Sectional Closed Event, players must compete in the age division that they want to be endorsed in for the Southern Sectional Closed.

Endorsement Policy

The quota spots and alternates will be selected and ordered by the USTA TN Junior Tournament Committee. The Committee retains the right to adjust if necessary. Juniors must play in the singles event at the Qualifier in the age group they want to be considered for selection. The Southern standings list published on June 4th will be used to order players on the endorsement list when necessary.


10U Divisions – 13 quota spots

12U Divisions – 14 quota spots

14U, 16U, 18U Divisions – 17 quota spots


Endorsement spots will be determined as follows for a Modified Feed in Consolation (MFIC):


- Top 4 finishers (semifinalists of Main Draw)

- Curtis consolation quarterfinalists (8 players)

- Curtis Consolation Round of 16 losers (4 players) will be listed by Southern standing along with finalists in main draw consolation (2 players) on the endorsement list


Endorsement spots will be determined as follows for a Feed in Consolation (FIC):


The top 12 finishers in a Feed in Consolation (Main Draw Semifinalists and Consolation Quarterfinalists) automatically qualify for the Southern Championships. The next spots in quota are determined by the player’s results at the Qualifying along with their Southern ranking upon completion of the Qualifier. 

Waiver Policy

Under the following special circumstances, Tennessee players may be waived from Qualifying Championships and receive endorsement to the Southern Closed. Written requests must be sent to USTA Tennessee ( by May 25th and will be evaluated by the Junior Tournament Committee. Waivers are given on a highly selective basis.


  1. Written requests for exemption due to injury, Illness, or Personal Emergency will be considered. A Doctor’s report must accompany any requests due to injury/ illness stating that in the physician’s opinion, the player is not able to participate in the Qualifier but will be in adequate physical condition to participate in the Southern Closed. Players who are granted a Medical Waiver will be placed as an alternate on the endorsement list, but are not guaranteed to be endorsed into Southern Closed.
    1. A player may only apply for a medical waiver (with doctor’s note) twice during their junior career


  1. Requests for waiver due to high caliber of play will be considered if:

A highly ranked player has the ability to compete in a higher level tournament during the same date as the Qualifier (i.e. National Tournament, Junior Wimbledon, ATP/WTA Event)

Direct Acceptance to Southern Closed

A Direct Acceptance List will be created for the Southern Closed Championships that includes 16 age-eligible players for each of the Boys' and Girls' 12s-18s divisions. This list will exempt players from playing their state qualifier.

The direct acceptance list for each age division (BG12-18s) will be published by USTA Southern on May 15th. This list will be comprised of the top 16 age-eligible players for June in their respective age divisions. Players not listed on the direct acceptance list are not eligible for this exemption. Players must register for the Southern Closed Championship to take advantage of this exemption.