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When you bring tennis into your school, whether you work at the elementary, middle or high school level, the benefits to the students transcend the boundaries on the court. You will help your students build self-confidence, learn teamwork and sportsmanship as well as lead healthy lifestyles. Now bringing tennis to your school is easier than ever, with resources and training available from the USTA. Are you looking for a new sport to be offered in your physical education class besides the traditional games like kickball?


We provide all of the training and resources, including portable nets that set up right on the gym floor. To get tennis in your physical education classes, have your physical education instructor, athletic director, or principal contact our USTA Tennessee Junior Pathway Coordinator, Thomas Fanjoy. Let us bring tennis to your school!

Why Tennis?

Research has found that early positive experiences in sport create a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle. Tennis is fun for kids of all ages and levels; with minimal risk of injury the sport provides many social, healthy, and psychological benefits.  Click here to learn more!

USTA School Tennis

Fun, safe, easy, no courts required!!

USTA Schools Tennis provides in-school and extracurricular programming (Kids Tennis Clubs -- see below) for students in grades K-12.  The primary goals of the program are a positive first-time experience, perceived competence, fun and fitness.  Another important element is to help schools meet their health and wellness requirements.  The program offers training, curriculum materials, access to major discounts on kid-friendly equipment and staff support. 

Every day, the USTA and its partners help kids learn not just a sport, but self-confidence, sportsmanship, and the habits
of an active, healthy lifestyle  We are committed to making sure that all kids have an opportunity to play and learn from this sport of a lifetime!!

For more information on how to get tennis into your schools, click here. 




School Tennis Workshops

Free 3-hour teacher workshops designed to
show physical educators and FullSizeRenderextracirricular program leaders how to conduct a quality tennis unit and activities for Kids Tennis Club. 
The workshop also includes class management techniques, basic tennis skills, station activities, supervised play formats, and Tennis Skillastics activities.  

Workshop attendees will receive a certificate of attendance and a participant guide.  The School/After school tennis workshop often meets school district requirements for continuing education credits.  

Representatives from USTA Tennessee teach PE teachers fun tennis games and activities to use with people of all ages.  The teachers are shown how to safely introduce the lifetime sport to their students without tennis courts or a large amount of equipment.  It is a very active program in which the teachers participate in all of the games and drills. To apply for a workshop, you must click here and apply for a profile.  For more information on school tennis, contact Thomas Fanjoy.

Kids' Tennis Clubs

Kids' Tennis Clubs are perfect for recess or after school.  They combine superfixed play with minimal instruction.  No courts are required, and kid-friendly equipment is ideal for beginners in gymnasiums, playgrounds, and other spaces.  

Register or renew your Kids' Tennis Club today by clicking here. Clubs will receive the following support materials:

  • Kids' Tennis Club Organizer Playbook
  • Kids' Tennis Club Organizer Packet (sportsmanship tips, classroom poster, NetKnacks & Skillastics order forms, program certificate)
  • 25 Kids' Tennis Club Pocket Playbooks
  • 25 Bag Tag achievement awards

Kids Club Matching Equipment Grant

This matching equipment grant is for Elementary Schools that organize a Kids Tennis Club. The USTA Southern will make an equipment purchase equal to the dollar amount a school spends for tennis equipment for its Kids Tennis Club.  Click here to apply.  

Physical Education Programs


Achieve your school's health and wellness goals through tennis!  No courts are required and schools can effectively offer PE with tennis sized right for age and ability.


    -Kid's Club Tennis Club Playbook

    -Registration Incentive Gift

    -Recognition letter and certificate for offering tennis




High School No-Cut Programs

No-cut coaches play a critical role in tennis by allowing young players the opportunity to experience tennis by being a member of a team.  A no-cut policy sends the message that developing kids of all levels is important to the school.  This opens opportunities for assistance from parents and the community, which can help your shool achieve its health and wellness goals.  THe USTA celebrates the special commitment coaches and schools make to keep all interested players on their teams through numerous incentives.  

Sign up by clicking here to be a No-Cut Coach.