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Murfreesboro Rally Cats Graduation!

May 18, 2016 01:44 PM

The Murfreesboro Rally Cats program ended Sunday with a bang as the players put the skills they’ve learned over the previous 5 weeks to the test in fun games and competitions. The program, held at Adams Tennis Complex, was a great success.  Fifty-four kids, guided by ten volunteer coaches, participated in the beginner tennis program.

“The Rally Cats program gave my 2 daughters the opportunity to learn about the game in a fun environment with a group of their peers. They loved the atmosphere, their coaches and made new friends,” volunteer coach Jake Sanders said. “The program also gave me the opportunity to be involved as a coach. I felt a real sense of accomplishment each week watching the kids in my group progress. It was a very rewarding experience for my entire family.”

The players between the ages of 4-10, gained valuable athletic development and tennis specific skills over the six sessions. Each week, they were divided into groups based on their ability level to ensure each player could progress in a pressure free environment. The Adams Tennis Complex was abuzz for the past six Sundays with the sounds of 54 happy and active kids learning the lifelong game of tennis!

“I loved watching the kids grow with excitement for the sport,” coach Julie Lalance said. “By the end of the six weeks, our kids could actually rally! It was amazing to see the courts filled with so many happy kids.”

Many of the participants will be back at ATC to put their skills to the test on June 12 for a USTA Tennessee Play Day! The Play Day will introduce these recent Rally Cats graduates to match play and traditional scoring.

To register your child for the Murfreesboro Play Day,

click here!

Congrats, Murfreesboro Rally Cats graduates! You kiddos ROCK!

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