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Mimi Proctor: Knocking Their Socks Off

July 22, 2016 10:04 AM
Mimi_newName: Mimi Proctor

Age: 11

City: Brentwood, TN

Pre Match Food: Peanut Butter

Secret to Success: Tall Socks with Fun Patterns

Doubles partner: Vivy Huddleston

Coaches: Keith Harrietha & Dustin Overbeek



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Mimi Proctor: Knocking Their Socks Off

“I always wear knee socks, I just feel like it helps a lot.”Mimi_and_family

Mimi Proctor won’t step on court without her signature high socks, and maybe that’s why she’s been knocking the socks off of her opponents in recent tournaments.

The 11 year old Nashville native won The Southern Closed 10s singles in June and made it to the finals of the doubles tournament with her doubles partner, Vivy Huddleston. She has won six tournaments so far this year and made it to the finals of five others including doubles.

Mimi’s parents, Michelle and Steve, got her on the court for the first time at 4 years old. Four years later, Mimi started playing competitively.

Mimi practices three to four times during the week and often has tournaments on the weekend. Mimi’s grandmother, Gladys, is one of her biggest supporters and often takes Mimi to and from practice while her parents are at work.Mimi_and_gran

“I feel sorry for Grandparents who don’t live in the same state as their Grandchildren,” says Gladys. “I love that I get to spend so much time with her.”

Grandma sits patiently next to the court while Mimi works on her game to ready herself for the weekend tournaments.

Mimi just moved up an age group into 12 and under, and has some tough competition. One of her rivals, Bella Wilson, keeps her on her toes.

“She’s really nice and we go back and forth,” says Mimi. “Last time she won in qualifiers, but now that we’re in 12s, it’s gonna be a whole other story.”

Mimi has a lot more going on besides tennis. In her spare timemimi_and_coach Mimi loves to hang out with her friends Taylor and Savannah. She also draws and loves to paint on canvas. When she grows up Mimi either wants to be a tennis player or a scientist. “I really want to study and research for cancer, because I know that it hurts a lot of people and I don’t want that to happen anymore.”

Whether it will be at the U.S. Open wearing her favorite Panther Paw socks, or in a lab changing the world, it’s clear that Mimi is headed for the stars.