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Leadership is Spelled SOMER HENRY

March 28, 2016 04:11 PM
Name: Somer Henry

Residence: Franklin, Tenn.

Player overview: Henry won the Class AAA state high school singles title in 2015 as a freshman at Brentwood High School and was named the district player of the year. She has been ranked in the Top 100 of the USTA Girls’ 16s national rankings and has won sportsmanship awards at five different USTA tournaments. Additionally, she has an extensive volunteer history, having served as a Nations Ministry inner-city preschool teacher and tutor, an African Refugee volunteer to children and families and a volunteer at ShowHope and GraceWorks Ministries and the local Boys and Girls Club. She also teaches Sunday school to 4- and 5-year-olds at Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood, among other volunteer ventures.

What tennis means to Somer:SOUTHERN----Somer-Henry-225x300
“I used to play travel soccer before I started playing tennis, but I broke my arm, and my bone came out of my skin. My dad didn’t want me to play soccer anymore after that. My parents played in tennis leagues in Atlanta and loved it, so they put me into tennis, and it was a plus for my dad that it wasn’t a contact sport.

"Tennis is a special part of my life because sports have always been a big part of my family, growing up with three big brothers. They all played basketball, so it was cool being the only one who plays competitive tennis. It is such a cool sport, and I think it is well liked so that friends and family are always interested in how my tennis is going.

"Tennis has improved my daily life by keeping me in shape and healthy. It always makes my body and mind feel so good after a good workout. I cannot imagine just sitting at home all day. Tennis has allowed me to meet many people from around the country that I will hopefully stay friends with for the rest of my life. It has opened so many doors of opportunity by giving me the chance to get a college scholarship, which could then help me get a good job after college.

"Tennis is the sport for me because it is so competitive, and I love traveling to lots of pretty places. Tennis outfits are cute, which is a plus. You get tanner and tanner everyday outside playing (although sock tans are the worst). Knowing that the match is never over until you shake your opponent’s hand, unlike basketball, if you were down by 30 with a minute left, there is no hope. But in tennis matches you could be losing, 6-0, 5-0, and come back. Yes, it is hard but definitely possible. Tennis is definitely the sport for me, and I am so glad it is the sport I play.”

A bit about the Leadership Team...

In an effort to further recognize and reward the junior players who have best exemplified positive qualities and behaviors alongside their on-court success, the USTA is initiating a player recognition program that focuses on driving awareness of junior players in every section in order to increase publicity of junior competition, while fostering the importance of sportsmanship and influencing player behavior.

The goal of the program is to generate local media coverage for a boy and a girl from every section who deserve to be recognized in their communities. Together, these players will be recognized as the “USTA Junior Excellence Team,” a collection of players from every section in the U.S. who have turned in successful results in USTA junior competition and continue to exhibit role model-like behavior.

The players to be honored will be hand-picked by each section’s Player Development staff, with any necessary help from those who know the section’s junior player landscape. The ideal candidate has, in the last year:

  • Turned in successful USTA junior tournament results
  • Exhibited positive on-court behavior and exemplary sportsmanship
  • Shown off-the-court benevolence (i.e., volunteering, community service, if applicable)

Above all, we want to honor players you would consider “role models,” whose play and character you would like to see emulated by all of the players in your section.