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Is Your Child A Rally Cat Yet?

May 24, 2016 09:20 AM

       The Rally Cats program has taken the state by storm, introducing tennis to kids in a fun group setting. The introductory program designed for kids ages 4-10 was piloted in Nashville last fall and has been launched across the state this spring, reaching over 200 players.

      Rally Cats uses modified equipment suited for younger children, such as shorter courts, smaller rackets, and balls that move slower and don’t bounce as high as a standard tennis ball. The curriculum was designed with the goal of keeping kids engaged and having fun! There is no standing in line waiting to hit during a session. The drills are fast paced with games at the end of every session that allow the kids a chance to show off the skills they have learned. For learn more about the program, click here!

      There have been 8 spring Rally Cats programs; Nashville, Cookeville, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Drakes Creek, Granbery, and Crossville. Murfreesboro was the largest program with a whopping 54 kids participating, making Adams Tennis Complex a busy place on Sunday afternoons!

      The Drakes Creek Rally Cats program concluded on a hot Sunday afternoon as 35 tired kids received a reward of medals and popsicles for a job well done! The program was fortunate to have the help of six coaches who guided the kids along every step of the way.


      “I thoroughly enjoyed the program,” Coach Marci Butler said. “It was the most organized youth sport I have coached and I loved the lesson plans and video demonstrations of the lessons.”

     This 6 week program included kids experiencing tennis for the first time as well as some players trying to prepare their games for tournament play. All participating players will get a chance to show off their skills at a Play Day at Drakes Creek Park on June 24. This event will feature short matches and competitions in a spirited environment.

    The combination of skillful coaching, fun activities, and meeting new friends made Rally Cats a ball for all involved! Picture2

     Like many other youth sports, Rally Cats utilizes a volunteer coach model that has shown time and time again to be a very rewarding experience for coaches as well as players.

 "The Rally Cats program gave my two daughters the opportunity to learn about the game of tennis in a fun environment with a group of their peers,” Murfreesboro volunteer coach, Jake Sanders, shares. “They loved the atmosphere, their coaches, and made new friends! The program also gave me the opportunity to be involved as a coach. I felt a real sense of accomplishment each week watching the kids in my group progress. It was a very rewarding experience for my entire family,”

     Rally Cats continues to expand into more markets across the state of Tennessee. Programs in Bellevue, Memphis, and Collierville, are soon to launch, while plans are in place for play opportunities in Jackson. The program has made learning the game an exciting experience for many kids and is an ideal way for a child to get a start in tennis before progressing to playing in tournaments or joining a team. We’re looking forward to tennis courts around Tennessee being flooded with Rally Cats!

For questions about Rally Cats or to get your child involved, please visit:

or contact

Thomas Fanjoy at / 615.917.7561