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2014 Tennessee State Closed Championships - Nashville

Over the HOT weekend of July 11th, over 200 junior players from across the state competed in the Tennessee State Closed Championships held in Nashville.  The age divisions for this tournament ranged from 10U to 18U.  There were 4 sites used for to host the tournament:  Montgomery Bell Academy, Vanderbilt University, Harpeth Hall School, and Centennial Sportsplex.  Thank you to all the players who competed in the state closed and also to all of the facilities who were willing to host this event.   

The level of tennis played throughout the weekend was outstanding! We would like to congratulate all Tennessee players who participated in this event and acknowledge a few players for their outstanding performances:

Boys 10 Singles

Champion: Jaxon Lamb  

Finalist: Brayden Kennedy

Girls 14 Singles

Champion: Maggie Cannata

Finalist: Rose Rosser

Boys 10 Doubles

Champions: Jaxon Lamb & Brayden Kennedy

Finalists: Oliver Bonovich & Jake Dunn

Boys 16 Singles

Champion: Andrew Morton

Finalist: Stone Cozart

Girls 10 Singles

Champion: Conley Raidt

Finalist: Maeve Thornton

Boys 16 Doubles

Champions: Jacob Marshall & Andrew Morton

Finalists: Jacob Lorino & Hunter Millsaps

Boys 12 Singles

Champion: Baylor Sai

Finalist: Nathan Zou

Girls 16 Singles

Champion: Georgia Fischer

Finalist: Lindy Tatum

Boys 12 Doubles

Champions: Baylor Sai & Nathan Zou

Finalists: Witt Grana & Shuangbo Qian

Girls 16 Doubles

Champions: Maggie Cannata & Georgia Fischer

Finalists: Rae Gullett & Allison Newell

Girls 12 Singles

Champion: Margaux Guibal Britt

Finalist: Jacqueline Hahamyan

Boys 18 Singles

Champion: Andres Carro

Finalist: Jacob Marshall

Girls 12 Doubles

Champions: Sydney Berry & Samantha Spielberger

Finalists: Margaux & Romane Guibal Britt

Boys 18 Doubles

Champions: Bobby Bethke & Jackson Gwinn

Finalists: Andres Carro & George Markos

Boys 14 Singles

Champion: Payton Madrigal

Finalist: Benjamin Sidwell

Girls 18 Singles

Champion: Claire DeGeorge

Finalist: Nisha Bhuva

Boys 14 Doubles

Champions: Benjamin Sidwell & Mason Woods

Finalists: Pranay Lingareddy & Sankee Mummareddy

Girls 18 Doubles

Champions: Sarah Hall & Peyton Sessions

Finalists: Ali Gean & Lindy Tatum