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12 & Under Players Improve Game at Camp

January 27, 2016 10:25 AM

Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 12 and under players worked on their games this past weekend at a Competitive Training Camp (CTC).

The camp was held at the Adams Tennis Complex in Murfreesboro and was led by Andy Veal and USTA Tennessee's Karl Davies. The camp focused on mental tournament training.

This exceptional group of 12 and Under girls and boys have been deemed the Best 12U Boys and Girls for Middle Tennessee by USTA Southern ranking.

More opportunities for young players like this one are always being made available. 12 and Under or 14 and Under players are offered these camps either on a regional or statewide scale to provide a healthy transition from USTA's Early Development Camps (EDCs) to yellow ball play and competition. 

USTA camps are also a great way to build camaraderie among players and coaches. This type of player/coach teamwork provides a welcoming and fun atmosphere for competitive USTA Southern Cup participation.

Thank you to all who came out this past weekend! We enjoyed being apart of growing your game!

See what parents and players are saying about their experiences at USTA Tennessee's Competitive Training Camps:

"[My child] really enjoyed the training and strategy sessions, and I think it was great for her to have chance to experience a focused day training with kids her age who are trying to raise their level of competition. Our message to her was that if she pushes herself to train and compete seriously (with a plan and a system, as coach Andy has outlined), perhaps she will have more opportunities to participate in this kind of selective training event.  We think it definitely adds another dimension of motivation for her.

Thanks again for making time for the event and leading the camp!"

"[My child] really enjoyed the camp. She gave us an earful when she got home about all of the things she learned. She especially liked the "pressure point" point play - probably because this is one of the biggest things she is trying to improve (winning those critical points).

And I'm thankful that you went over the importance of warming up before a match. [She] doesn't take her warm up time very seriously so it's good for her to hear the importance of this from someone other than mom and dad! :)"

"Just to let you both know that [my child] really enjoyed the camp yesterday. She said it was very informative along with being fun.  She came home with a lot of positive feedback about the camp and even said she wished that she could do that every Sunday!  Also, thank you for forwarding coach Andy's notes, we will print those so [my child] can have them for her tennis binder and be able to use for future reference, so many great points that are really good reinforcement for her.

Thank you both for your time and making the camp happen given the weather conditions and thank you for giving [my child] the opportunity to participate in the camp, she is most appreciative."

The next Early Development Camp is coming up in February in Chattanooga! Limited spaces available! 

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