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Southern Junior Cup

Each fall, the USTA Southern Section hosts the Southern Junior Cup for boys and girls at one central location.  Each USTA Southern Section state sends a team composed of 6 participants (3 boys and 3 girls) for each the 12s, 14s, 16s, and 18s age divisions.  

Each state competes against the other 8 states with each age division playing 3 singles and 2 doubles, one of which is mixed. The total team score is kept to determine a sectional winnter. USTA Tennessee selects and sends two coaches to one location with the 14s, 16s, and 18s teams.  One coach is chosen and sent with the 12s team, which is held at a different time and location than the other age divisions. 

How are Selections Determined?

The Junior Competition Committee has the authority to invite the players that will represent USTA Tennessee. Selection will be based on National and Southern ranking as well as sportsmanship. Selections will be based on the last Southern standing list published in July. Selected players will be notified by mail and email once selections are made. 



USTA Tennessee Competitive Training Centers 

These advanced training camps are for the top 13 & Under players in each geographic region. The camps bring the top players together to practice and compete.  They are geared toward high-level tournament players striving to improve their game and experience success at Southern and National tournaments.  

Each session offers education, fitness training, sports science information, practice, and competition. This format allos the USTA a chance to scout new talent and allos the best players a chance to practice with one another.  These camps are a joint effort by the local coaches as well as coaches from USTA Tennessee. Participants are encouraged to share information from the camps with their personal coach and parents.

There are three local camps per area, all of which are three hours in length. At the conclusion of the CTCs, there will be a State Camp in March, which brings together all of the players who have participated in the local camps throughout Tennessee. The State Camp occurs over an entire weekend; players will have the opportunity to stay over night together in hotel rooms, attend a team dinner along with other fun planned activities.   

Most importantly, comraderie is developed at every training camp.  Players feel like they are a part of a team and develop friendships that last well behond the tennis court!! In each of the three cities (Nashville, Memphis, & Knoxville) a total of 8 boys and 8 girls are selected  for the CTCs. Players are selected based on a combination of playing level, Southern ranking, personal character, and age.  

            If you have any questions about Southern Junior Cup please email the Director of Junior Competition ( For more information about CTCs, e-mail Karl Davies (